April – Audrey Carlan

coverBook review

Read: April 01 – 02, 2017

After reading March which was great for such a short novel, I thought that I would be so disappointed with the rest of the series. I don’t read the short previews at the end of each book, keeping the surprise until I’m actually going to read it. All the while waiting for the next month to start, I talk about this series with the book club and we started discussing what kind of clients we wanted to see next. We talked about wanting to see an elderly man, a jerk, an unattractive man, et cetera. Apparently, Audrey Carlan knows that she can’t give us Mister Almost-Perfect each time.


Mia is going to Boston. The country of the Red Sox baseball team where Mia will be helping Mason Murphy with his bad boy image. The baseball player – in more ways than one – is known for switching women daily, drinking a bit much, drugs, and being just downright rude in his speech. However there is always more than meets the eye and Mia is sure she can get it out of him.

My opinion

Although I didn’t like April as much as I did March, it wasn’t a bad one. There is more focus on the story of how Mia is finding herself and how she sees and handles her relationships. Not just with men, but also with her best friend. I thought it was a weird thing that they call each other slut/whore/skunk/ et cetera. Someone else in this story thought so too and mentioned that it isn’t a normal thing. This came to Mia as a surprise and now I’m wondering if she’s never seen others not treating one another like she and Ginelle tend to do.

What I liked about Mason was that he was a jerk. I hoped for a Not-A-Perfect-Sex-Man and Mason delivered. He is far from Mr. Perfect and he knows he is. The whole development of his character was a quick one, because it had to fit within the month Mia’s with him, but not one I would find so unlikely if he was given more time.

Furthermore, next to Mia’s best friend on the phone, having a bit more background to her aunt’s past with the escort business, and the recurrence of two characters we’ve met before, it seems like the installments are getting more and more focused on forming an actual story together of personal development with a lot of hot and steamy sex scenes.


The installments are getting better. If each one was a chapter in a book it would have been a better series, but then again.. I wouldn’t have to wait each month to continue reading and the discussions at our book club would have been more dull.



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