Heaven – Alexandra Adornetto

coverBook review

Read: March 03 – 10, 2017

The last book in the Halo series, but before I really start with my review, please look at the cover. I adore it. I really love how the wings are done on the covers of this series, the use of silhouettes and the lack of non-important objects. I needed a “Coverlove” for the ABC-Challenge from BooksEverAfter and while looking for a cover, I found this one and when I saw that their faces and arms made the outline of a heart I was sold.


Heaven immediately starts where the epilogue of Hades ended. Xavier and Bethany are planning to elope together and marry on their graduation day. But the forces of Heaven do not condone an Angel marrying a human and immediately trouble starts.

Being married didn’t go as the couple had expected. Running for their lives; death; adopting to new identities and hiding their old ones; possession; and being locked up in heaven. No, they didn’t foresee this at all. During everything that’s happening Xavier and Bethany are learning what is means to be married, who their real friends are, and what it means to believe. Will this ordeal from heaven be the one to set them apart?

My opinion

I find this part the weakest of the three. Bethany and Xavier were acting dumb right from the start. If there haven’t been an earthquake in Xavier’s birth city as long as Xavier can remember and immediately after his proposal one happens – with them both knowing there is more than just our earthly lives – they don’t think that they should wait and discuss this getting married thing?

As a consequence by defying the law of Heaven by having an angel and human marry, the Heaven “police”  – also known as Sevens – are hunting down the two of them and doing a pretty poor job in my opinion. What I can’t remember is how the little rebellion of the Sevens is resolved at the end.

What I enjoyed was the whole going to university for Bethany and Xavier and the extra troubles the couple gets in to. Bethany grows as a character by experiencing all these new feelings, by gaining a resolve, but also by being an adult enough to put her resolve aside for the better.

The whole situation with Molly was something extra. I really had strong about her whole relationship. I had some hopes about Gabriel, but that wouldn’t be a natural progression for his character in this short amount of time.


I gave the last part of the Halo series two stars. I liked the ending, the part with Molly, and going to college. Everything else and in between was either far-fetched, unbelievable behavior/luck, and I don’t get a real closure with problems that were introduced in this part. Oh and I was really disappointed when God hasn’t made a personal appearance in all three books.



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