March – Audrey Carlan

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Read: March 02, 2017

After having other people commenting on how the series improve starting with March, I decided to give the Calendar Girl series another chance. I was tempting to quite the series, after reading February I thought it wouldn’t get any better than January and that the focus would stay on the sex scenes and not on the story of Mia. But alas, I was wrong and I was so pleasantly surprised by March.


Mia is on her way to her third client. The owner of multiple Italian restaurants, a family business who agrees with the Italian stereotypes of being loud, super friendly and family orientated. After having seen her friend, little sister, and having visited her father at the hospital, Mia is confronted by the love of the Fasano family. She’s hired to play the fiance of the only son, Anthony “Tony” Fasano, to elude his family away from his secret.

My opinion

I liked that we started with Mia getting to see her family and check up on her dad. Hearing Mia talking to her dad – who is in a coma – makes her more human and more three-dimensional. I’m still annoyed with how she treats her little sister – overprotective and controlling – and the names she calls her best friend. I also liked how her friend pointed out how Mia was more concerned about herself and her sister that she neglected to keep an eye on her other relationships. A bit of an eye opener for Mia.

Another thing that I liked reading the story was the whole overall story. It wasn’t really focused on the sex this time and an old client is visiting Mia. An update what happens to the ones Mia have met makes it more believable – even though the whole situation is still unbelievable – and it helps to make her story more complete.

What I would have like to read was more about the story about Tony. It had some short scenes with his family and later on we read about Mia getting to be friends with the other characters in the story, but how the friendship develops is mostly skipped on and more just assuming that she will be friends with them.


I gave this installment four stars. Not that it’s completely deserved them compared to other books that I gave four stars, but at the end of this book I felt so happy for the characters and it left me with so many happy feelings that I thinks it does somehow deserve this rating. After all, each installment is about 100 pages long so it’s not completely fair to rate it lower compared to those other four stars books with much more pages and thus having more options to complete all the storylines in them.



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