Always rearranging

This is a room update.

If you’ve read my other post – How my room came to be – then you know who badly my room looked. It’s not the best it can be yet, but I’m still doing my best to part with some old stuff.

During the sorting – The stuff in the blue bags will be recycled (plastics, textiles, paper, batteries, electronics, et cetera.)
I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that I was ready to let go of some old sentimental items. For example a small toy laptop from when I was a toddler where I could practise spelling, counting, and some melodies. Or an old doll and teddy bear, things I never will touch again, but still took up space. I can’t even remember how I got them or a time I’ve played with them, so it was time to let them go.

Here are some pictures of my sorting and cleaning my room on February 27. I forgot to take before pictures, but I remembered along the way to take some.

When I was done for the day – I dumped all the stuff from the bed on the vanity and couch.
Even though I’ve got a lot of stuff left right now and there is a lot in sight, my vanity has all empty drawers – both the last two drawers are broken and I need someone to help me to repair them – and in my other closet I’ve a drawer with just empty bags where I can put stuff in to recycle or give away.


As you can see, no more boxes! I had three boxes left in my room and after going through them I saw that most of the stuff in them were from my mother. A lot of other stuff were flashcards to learn German, old pencils, yarn, some dolls, and change. I’ve put the flashcards in the paper back (I’m not going to learn German with them ever again) and the rest that was mine I’ve put in a bag to sort out later.

Cosmetics and care products

After working at a drugstore for a few years, I’ve accumulated a lot of cosmetics and care products. I don’t want to throw them away – yes, I’ve heard of sunk costs – so I’m using all my care products until I’ve run out of them. For example, I normally didn’t use a body lotion after every shower and now I do. Not only do I notice a difference in my skin – perhaps because I’m also drinking more water and tea instead of milk – but I’ve come to enjoy the little ritual to take some extra care of myself. The only times that I buy a care product or make up is when I’ve run out of it. So shampoo, deodorant, cotton wool, and sunscreen have been the only products I’ve bought. When I’m done with the lotion and hair oil I’m thinking of getting an alternative product, like coconut oil, to replace both items. I want to go to a more natural and cruel free skin care routine.

Furthermore, I’ve been using less make up in general and I need to cull some extra products from there. Most of the days I wear no make up at all, and I’m loving it. I still believe I look better with make up on, but I’m not uncomfortable to walk around without anymore. Now, when I do wear make up, it feels really special to do so. The only thing I wear everyday is nail polish and I’m figuring out which colors will be my primary colors to love.

Digital clutter

Of course, sometimes in my spare time or while watching a show I started looking through the pictures and documents and decided what to keep and what to toss. Furthermore, I’ve been renaming my pictures so they start with the date they’ve been taken on, followed by IMG for image and a few tag words so I can easily find the right picture or can read the description to know what’s on the picture.

The problem is, I’ve collected all my pictures all across the Clouds, laptop, phone, and cameras and now I’ve got a lot of duplicates on my desktop. My father gave me the advice to install Visipics. It’s a program for Windows – which is why I couldn’t use it – that searches your computer for duplicate pictures and you can immediately get rid of said duplicates. The best thing is that Visipics isn’t just looking at the names, but it’s actually looking at the picture to find the duplicates. Also, it’s FREE!


Of course, just silently cleaning and sorting once room can be quiet a bit of a dull thing to do. So I like to listen to some podcasts. I’ve started with Always Open #18 – Ghosting and Gynecologists and finished with RoosterTeeth #416 – People Poison Cats. For quite some time I’ve been a fan of RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter and instead of listening to music, I listen to their podcasts and the podcast from DearHank&John (aka The Vlogbrothers). I listen to it during my drives, in public transportation, and during walks with the dogs or alone. Because they are all classified as entertainment podcasts, they make me laugh sometimes and that can be a bit embarrassing, so be warned!

Well, I’m off again to go visit some of my friends.


Anything to share?

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