The Crown – Kiera Cass

coverBook review

Read: February 18 – 21, 2017

Wow, the Crown really felt like a proper ending to the Selection series.


After a terrible event concerning her parents, Eadlyn has to make her decision who she’ll choose as her husband and prince consort. But how can she choose? She only recently decided that love may be worth it after all. Furthermore, each of the boys who are still in the running has something unique to offer her. And then another unfortunate event forces her to make haste in her decision..

My opinion

What I really liked about this novel was the character development. Eadlyn really has changed her way of thinking after the events in The Heir. Not only is she has she accepted to let someone inside the walls of her heart, she’s more thoughtful of her people and she’s been slipping her own comfort to help them. Another thing that surprised me was her dependence on her dad. We get a glimpse of her relationship with her father as king and how she gets to be in his shoes with his advisers and she’s doing so well on her own. The surprised happened had the end, when she made a decision all by herself instead of discussing it with advisors or the family.

The Selected are eliminated to the Elite and the ones who were allowed to stay were no surprise.They stood out in The Heir – in a good way – and were a logical decision. What baffled me is a certain character development. I’m glad that it happened as it did and that there is a happy ending for him. Another thing was how unrealistically nice Henri turned out to be. I don’t think I can believe how unselfish he is, considering his feelings for Eadlyn. It blew my mind. In the end I’m so happy with whom she ended up. I wanted to root for him during The Heir, but decided against doing so. I wanted to be open for whatever was in store for me and I’m so happy it was him.


As I earlier stated, I believe The crown has been a proper ending to the Selection series. The series started with a national problem concerning the people and the caste system. Even during King Maxon’s reign there were still troubles following the solutions the Royal family has implemented. At the end there is another solution that Eadlyn comes up with, all without consulting others and one that the people of Illea has asked for.



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