The Heir – Kiera Cass

coverBook review

Read: February 16 – 18, 2017

The Heir is the first book of the Selection series where the main character of the book is the daughter of Queen America and King Maxon. After King Maxon took to the throne, he and his wife made their promise true to dissolve the caste system, but the people are in uproar. People are killed and even though the caste system is gone, some still hold on to their prejudices. To calm down the people and give their minds a distraction while the King tries to come up with a solution he and his wife thought of throwing their daughter, the first female heir to the throne in Illea’s history, a Selection. Eadlyn isn’t happy about it. She wants to be a strong, independent Queen and for that she doesn’t need a man by her side. All that love can do is make you weak, right?

My opinion

I’ve read so many different opinions about this book. Some loved it because of the drama, being back in the world, and the romance. Others weren’t so pleased because of the predictability; not continuing where the first three books left off because of the time skip; not liking the main character; or the way how everyone interacted with each other because it’s unbelievable that they would react like they do.

I’m one of the former ones. I love romance novels however cliché they may be. With novels like these where it’s not immediately known for who she will choose at the end – there are a few likely candidates and I’m determine not to think much about them so I won’t spoil it for myself at the end – I can thoroughly enjoy the character growth while Eadlyn is on her way to break down the walls around her heart.

Having an all boys Selection and looking through the female main character at them whom is so resistant to have any feelings for anyone is a delight. Of course there is the childhood boy whom she dislikes; the foreign cute guy with whom she can’t communicate on her own; the good-looking boy who promises her to prove himself to her each day; the shy, poor commoner with a vastly different background; and the boy who will promise her a life that she wants, although it’s probably a loveless one.

With a cliffhanger ending, I advise you to have the last book ready so you won’t have to wait for what will happen.




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