The happiness project – Gretchen Rubin

coverBook review

Read: February 03 – 15, 2017

This month I participated in two buddy reads at the book club Books Ever After. I made a shelf with books I wanted to read and my buddy chose The happiness project: Or, Why I Spent a Year to Singing the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, And Generally Have more Fun – a mouthful, isn’t it? – by Gretchen Rubin.


Instead of making resolutions or goals at the beginning of a new year, Gretchen decides to start on a journey, a project, to get happier in life. For this she will conduct research at what happiness is and what works, and each month will have a certain theme to pursue. The habits she’s forming in that particular month will get transferred to the next one untill she is living her life how she wants to. Some habits don’t make the cut, but that’s okay if they don’t work for her.

My opinion

Just reading this book with someone else makes it a whole different experience. My buddy doesn’t read really fast and she had some exams that week. We were both hoping this book will motivate us to start de-cluttering, being more considerate, working out, et cetera. I didn’t feel like putting the book down and get to work myself. It was inspiring and interesting though.

What I did love was an idea the book gave me. Valentine isn’t for me and Valentine was coming. One of the things Gretchen mentioned is how a picture can help to remember happy memories and how important that is for family and the family bond. I managed to find a selfie I took with my parents at last Christmas concert and framed it. My mom was brought to tears and since then it has a proud place on our furnace. Thank you Gretchen.




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