February – Audrey Carlan


Book review

Read: February 02, 2017

The second month for Mia on her escort job. To be able to pay back her fathers loan to her ex boyfriend, Mia agreed to take on the job of being an escort girl at her aunt’s bureau. Each month she will be paid a 100 thousand dollars and she is free to choose to sleep with her clients for an additional 20% pay increase. Last month’s she was Wes’s escort, which ended with her having the key to his home and heart, if she desired to go back to him. This month she is playing the part of being Alec Dubois’s muse.

My opinion

The second installment did less for me than the first. Alec’s personality is that of a stereotypical artist who is, of course, French and hot. There was a lot of focus on the sex like in the first novel, but with some other varieties.

The part that I dislikes was the part where Mia talks with her sister and how she wants the best for her. Even though Mia’s sister is interested in pathological classes, Mia finds it unsuitable for her to deal with death and basically tells her that she can’t choose a career in that field. The belittling of her own adult sister, while having this job, the relationship with their parents and all, is a bit out-of-place and somewhat out of character.

Another thing that irked me was the part where Mia flipped about being a whore. Both men are obligated to pay an additional 20% when Mia decides to sleep with them, and also if she decides to pose naked for Alec. When her aunt tells her that both men have paid like they have to, Mia gets so mad with both of them and afterwards she is convincing herself that she isn’t a whore. I lost my “respect” for her as a person because she is lying to herself. A whore is someone who engages in sexual acts for money. Mia doesn’t do it for the money, that is the companies rule, but she decides to have sex with her clients because she wants to and thus gets paid for it. This still makes her technically a whore and she should own it. It’s the oldest job in the world and legal in some countries, she shouldn’t be ashamed for what she is. She’s the cool, sexy motor chick who is confident in who she is, right? That was gone for a few pages.




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