Fear and trembling – Amélie Nothomb

iuBook review

Read: December 31, 2016


Amélie has the opportunity of a lifetime. Returning to the land she’s been born in and work at Yumimoto Corporation. Being a French Belgium young woman, Amélie stands apart at the Japanese corporation, and all the cultural differences and prejudices don’t help her in her favor. Everything she tries to do at her job, is a failure, no matter how well her intentions are. Not because she is doing a bad job, but because of all the cultural layers that have a big role in the Japanese – business – cultural overall.

In this book you’ll read the hardships that Amélie faces. How she deals with them, her thoughts about them, and why they are present. The story itself only focus on her work life, all her personal relationships and dealing outside of her job won’t be discussed. This makes the book so hilarious and short enough to read in a day.

My opinion

I wanted a short quick book that I could easily use to finish my reading challenge of 2016. It holds the memory of a friend I made in Japan (a Polish girl doing an internship at the same company as I did) and seeing how this story starts with a Western woman working at a Japanese company, it made me smile. Many things were easy to imagine, seeing how I’ve seen it in person. A few things were gushy and depending on the environment at that time, but it still made me laugh and thinking about the things I’ve encountered.

What really stuck with me was the part about Japanese women starting at page 65. It basically entails why I don’t see a future in Japan for myself even though I did love it there. It’s just something I don’t want to tire myself with.




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