Our chemical hearts -Krystal Sutherland


Book review

Read: January 04 – 05, 2017

Second book of the year that I’ve read and I simply adored it. It’s fast paced, up to date with last years pop cultural references, written from a boy perspective – even though it’s sort of a love story -, and simply adorable.


Henry Page, our main character, has never been in love. He’s awaiting his time when he’ll fall hopelessly in love like his parents did, but untill then he’s focussing on his schoolwork and becoming editor of his school newspaper. One day, Grace Town comes into his live. She’s nothing as he would have thought, but fate seems to bring them together.

My opinion

Although the book had a slow pace at the beginning, soon enough I couldn’t put it down. How the story develops and having all the reference to modern pop culture captivated my mind. I wanted to know why Grace is the way she is. What had happened to her to become like that. Why Henry kept ignoring all the problems. Was he so badly in love that he’s gotten blind to her shortcomings?

The ending of the book felt also very natural to me. Everything came to a close and the development of the relationships and characters was nicely done. A great starter of the year for me and I definitely recommend this book for young/new adults because of the references made.





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