What to read this year

A new year has begun and thus time to set some new reading goals. Near the end of the year, Goodreads asks how many book you want to read the next year. I decided on one book a week, because I don’t want to feel the pressure like last year: not reaching my original goal and then having to adjust the number down so I can still have the Completed banner on the goalplate. One book a week should be easily doable.

With the book club Books Ever After I participate in the ABC-challenge. For each letter of the alphabet they made a challenge and thus 26 challenges to complete it. Furthermore, we’ve chosen to do a jointly 12-part series. Each month we read one book of the Calendar girl series. They are very short, around a 100 pages each, so we read each installment in a day. So far they haven’t been promising, but other members told us that from March on forward the installments get better and there will be an actual storyline.

Another resolution we seem to have at the book club is to finish the series that we had started as individuals. For example: I’ve started in 22 series that are finished with publishing, 6 series I’m not going to finish (no interest), and 8 series where I have to wait for the next installment to get published.  My goals for the series are that I at least want to finish Throne of Glass** by Sarah J. Maas, Anna & the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, The Selection by Kierra Cass, Zombicorns by John Green, and Calendar Girl* by Audrey Carlan.

Pretty easy goals, right?

* – because I’m not sure whether or not this series is for me, I can’t say that I will continue reading this serie through the year.

** – Update feb.25: Since the release of book 6 of the Throne of Glass series is postponed untill 2018, I can’t finish the series this year.


Anything to share?

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