My 2016 reading summary

Last year…

I managed to read a total of 70 books (including the ones I didn’t finish) of my goal of 104 books. Here you can see all the books I’ve read and further in this post is a short summary of a few books that stood out to me. I’ve learned from the mistake to go for different challenges at the same time. I totally blew the TBR Randomiser and the Listopia challenges. I couldn’t make myself to read from a list or put down a series to start another one I wasn’t interested to read at that time.

I’ve learned some new things about my reading habits this year. In 2015 I didn’t have many books that actually put me off reading and this year I had. It took me a while to recognize that I avoided reading by watching lots of YouTube and Netflix instead of wanting to read. I eventually made the decision that it’s okay  to not finish a book – perhaps it’s for a later part in my life or perhaps it’s not – and that I should have peace with it and just continue reading a book I actually want to read.

Now I wanted to give a quick summary of some books that I loved and some that weren’t for me.

The books I loved..

And would recommend to many.

coverA court of mist and fury – Sarah J. Maas

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Sarah J. Maas’ book A court of Mist and Fury is the highest rated book on Goodreads on my list. It simply blew me away and I can’t wait for the next part in the series that will be published this year.

The Martian – Andy Weircover

I normally don’t read science fiction novels, but after hearing so much about it by a few people of whom I follow their podcast, I just wanted to try it out. I was laughing so much and the story just sucked me in. I highly recommend this one and I can’t wait till the movie becomes available on Netflix to see it with a friend and relive the story again.

coverUprooted – Naomi Novik

This one was my nominee for one of our monthly books to read at Books Ever After. So many of us were pleasantly surprised by this standalone fairy-tale inspired fantasy book. It didn’t give the story away in the beginning, and although the romance was a bit off and the heroine a “Mary Sue” it was a great read.

The shack – William P.cover Young

I’m not one to read a biblical inspired book or with elements of a god from a real life religion, but this one came up on my TBR Challenge. I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did it. It has brought me to tears several times and the whole relationship the main character has with God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus,and – most importantly – himself is so beautifully done.

coverThe power of habit – Charles Duhigg

I wanted to read a more practical book and I wanted to know more about habits. There are some habits I want to change in my life and I was following a business study where this book also touch upon how businesses use your habits to influence (potential) customers. It has plenty of examples on personal levels and business levels each chapter and at the end it gives a simple plan to find your own cue, routine, reward cycle.

Fear and Trembling – Amélie Nothombiu

I had read 69 books and I really wanted to read this book in 2016. The friend who gave it to me came over during the summer and I felt bad that I hadn’t read her present to me. Fear and Trembling is a short novel, focused on the Japanese business mindset and how the cultural aspect affects the Japanese business culture. Because I could see everything happening in my mind’s eye I had a blast reading it.

These books weren’t really my cup of tea..

But they could be yours! Don’t be discouraged to try them and get your own opinion on them.

schermafbeelding-2017-03-01-om-14-30-17This book loves you – Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg)

This one wasn’t for me. It was full of memes and humor that I outgrew. No substantial content and pretty much a waste of time.

The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared – Jonas JonassonOmsl. De 100-jarige man (Geb.).indd

My father loved this Scandinavian novel by Jonas Jonasson and he recommended it to me. After some pursuing I started reading it and although the beginning is interesting; I couldn’t care about the flashbacks with all the historical details that I couldn’t place. It was tedious to get through, although it’s characteristic for Scandinavian novels. My father loved that aspect of the novel and every time he talks about it, he laughs about the thought of the story.

coverA mess of reason – A. Wilding Wells

This one was on my TBR Randomiser challenge. It was really focused on the sex scenes and the plot was very short. It’s pretty okay to read it if you want to give your brain a rest.

He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys – Greg Behrendtcover

This book really annoyed me on some levels. Mostly because no matter what the situation is, it’s not good/ it’s not right/ you should dump him/ he’s not interested/ it won’t last/ it’s not worth your time/ et cetera. And not just that, they won’t even follow their own advice. It took a toll on me to finish it, and I’m glad to have finished the book (so I won’t have to read it again).

Let’s make 2017 a better awesome year to read many great books!



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