January – Audrey Carlan


Book review

Read: January 02, 2017

Mia, our cool motor chick aspiring actress main character, has a big problem. Her father’s loan shark is threatening her sister’s and her life. After her father being hospitalized he made it clear to Mia that she is now responsible to pay him, her ex-boyfriend, back. Not earning enough at her current job, Mia turns to her aunt who owns an escort service company. She agrees to be an escort for a year, for the wealthiest clients for a 100 thousand dollars a month. Her aunt tells her explicitly that sex is never a part of the deal, being an illegal trade and all, but that the girls who work for her company can offer their clients extra “services” for an additional sum of money.

After a quick prepare job a la Miss congeniality, Mia sets off to her first client. Wes, the young director of a hit-selling series, needs someone to accompany him to parties. He needs someone who can keep all the golddiggers away, so his mom bought Mia’s service as an escort girl. Furthermore, Wes tells Mia that he will only take her offer for sex with him under the condition of three rules.

My opinion

The story reminded me of a manga I read before: a girl is sold into prostitution in order to pay off the debt from her father. This time it’s not a girl but a woman who is being dumped in the job of paying off the debt of her father. Another difference is that she isn’t sold to prostitution, but that she has to take on the job of an escort girl at her aunt’s company.

Having this as our first BooksEverAfter year-series-book was surprisingly disappointing. The story had a lot of sex scenes and less of a story. The characters were flat and didn’t really grow during the book. I do hope that Mia will experience some growth through the year and in the other books, although I’m not sure in which way her character will grow. She is put down as an independent woman, while all the other women are either normal because they’re family or friends, or they’re dumb, skinny, and plastic women who are after the money of rich people. This irked me a lot during reading this book.

Another thing that left me disappointed was that Mia chose to sleep with him so soon. She has a sex drive that I’d never heard of (everything can make her slopping wet apparently), even though in the beginning of the book it seemed that sex wasn’t that big in her life (but she did had a lot of sex with her ex boyfriends, she made sure to mention that). I’d rather have had a kind of chase or play before they had sex and not just the primal lust from both Wes and Mia.

To come back to the sex scenes, I counted at least five of them in the book and they were pretty long and explicitly told. The book is only about a 100 pages, so I’m hoping the other parts of this series will be more and more focused on the story of Mia paying back the loan and her relationship with her dad and sister and the emotional damage she is experiencing from everything.

The last  two things I want to touch upon is her aunt. Mia’s aunt is a very rich lady with her own succesful business. But still, she won’t even offer to pay back the loan to save her nieces’ lives. Is this just in spite because she dislikes/hates her brother-in-law? Can’t she get over that because she does love her nieces? Is she really such a businessperson that she has to have Mia working for her? It didn’t make sense to me. And why did her aunt’s friend, Wes his mother, hire Mia for Wes and then just pretend that she is a friend of Wes when she meets Mia? Inviting her home for brunch. Why does a mother hire an escort for her own good looking son? It just baffles my mind.


I gave this book two stars because of the many questions about the whole situation, the lack of three-dimensional characters, the lack of the storyline in favor of the sex scenes, and just the unrealistic feeling of it all.




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