Ignite me – Tareheh Mafi


Book review

Read: October 11 – 13, 2016

The third book in the Shatter me series, Ignite me, continues where book Unravel me ended. In between Tareheh Mafi gave us a novella from Kent’s perspective: Fracture me

The war is coming and Juliette needs to find her friends again and convince them and Warner to work together. Not just so they can win the war against Warners father, but also against the other district leaders and to rebuild a new world.

The previous book was already foreshadowing about the relationship Juliette had with both Warner and Kent. This one nicely continues and it’s pretty amazing to see how Juliette’s character grows and realizes that just because Kent was the first one being nice to her, she isn’t obligated to love him or anything.

My opinion

This series started off with disappointments in the character building, but as the series continues each character became more wholesome. Juliette isn’t the best main character, but through her hardship, growth, and willingness to be better, and fight for a better future -how cliché that may sound-  she became more likeable in my book.

The ending of the story is abrupt. The story didn’t feel finished. There could have been so many things going wrong from where the story is left. We’re being left with just faith that everything all works out in the end as intended.




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