Fracture me – Tahereh Mafi


Book review

Read: October 10, 2016

The other novella in the Shatter me series. This time written from Adam’s perspective. It starts just before the ending of book two, before their society went to war with Warner’s dad to save the civilians.

During the 2nd book Adam’s personality progressed together with the story. He became much harder since his discovery of his powers and after breaking up with Juliette. Adam was someway selfish and unselfish during this one: his need to protect and his willing to help others.

My opinion

I don’t understand how Kent’s feelings just changed like that. I understand the love for his brother and the feeling of protection for Juliette, but why can’t they co-exits? I don’t particularly like Kent. He became so obsessed and confused and I guess that’s what war does to people. I’d rather would have read this part from Kenji’s perspective. Kenji confuses me a bit and I really wanted to see his thoughts concerning after the accident. I also want to know why he just crumpled down when they hear about Juliette later on.

Quite interesting, but I’d hoped for something else.




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