Unravel me – Tahereh Mafi


Book review

Read: October 06 – 08, 2016

The second book in the Shatter me series, Unravel me, continues where book Shatter me ended. You don’t have to read Destroy me to enjoy this second part of the series. It tells the story of Juliette adapting to the underground training after escaping Warner. There is a lot of romance happening between her and Adam and trying to overcome her trauma’s. Juliette also tries to understand the situation of the war, rebellion, and the powers that are in play. She’s not sure who she can trust. She can’t even trust herself and her powers.

My opinion

There was too much romance for my liking. I feel that if I were to remove all the romance scenes the book would be half the size.But I liked this one better than Shatter me. Which really surprised me, because it’s the infamous second book of a series.

After reading Destroy me I’m all the way for team Warner. Juliette could fall dead for all I care, as long Warner ends up being happy, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she actually does end up dead in the end. It’s either that or she’s becoming almost invincible or she will lose her power. Those are the three endings I’ve seen the most and which I anticipate.

My sympathy for Kent is pretty much gone after this part. He has pretty much turned around with his behaviour and I’m wondering if I’ll like him better after reading Fracture me, which is written from his perspective.




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