Shatter me -Tahereh Mafi


Book review

Read: September 03 – 08, 2016

This book came up in my TBR Randomizer challenge and I could use it for my Books Ever After challenge. It was our Book of the month in June, but I didn’t read it at the time. It felt like I hadn’t read a dystopian novel in quite some time, so I was really looking forward to it. I’ve never read anything from Tahereh Mafi before, but I’ve heard that the prose used in the Shatter me is beautiful and enchanting.


Shatter me is about a girl in an asylum, a girl who can kill with her skin. Touch her and die. The world is dying, birds don’t fly, animals are disappearing thanks to GMO, and the weather is insidious. One day she gets someone to keep her company in the asylum and for the first time in years she speaks to someone. Eventually the Reestablishment (sort of communistic party) gets her out of the asylum to use her for their own interests. To use her as a weapon so the world will do their biding.

My opinion

The prose is, as expected, very unique and somewhat beautiful. The girl Juliette is annoying. She’s a goody two shoes, which is hard to believe with her upbringing. For some reason, she’s also very beautiful and already two guys are probably in love with her. Even with years of malnutrition and 2-minute showers every few days, she’s a beauty to behold. I can not stand logic like that. Her own love interest is a bit bland with some cute personal scenes.

What I do like, next to the prose, is the bad guy Warner. He is the leader of the sector Juliette is in and because he’s contradicting himself, he’s so much more interesting than the love interest. Furthermore I want to know more about the world building, because the concept is pretty believable.




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