Reading challenges

139339With Books Ever After..

we have a special book club reading challenge this year. The challenge is in Dutch, but it contains all sorts of challenges. For example “A book with a LGBT character” and “A book about friendship”.

The challenge consists of four levels; twelve challenges per level and each level has a bonus challenge containing one of the four elements on the cover.

So far into the year I’ve completed 42 challenges of the 52. I couldn’t fit all the books I’ve read into the challenge, but I’m not really planning the challenge’s requirements I haven’t fulfilled yet. I’m just reading the books I want and our Book of the month to see how far I get.

With the Listopia challenge..

With another group at Goodreads I’m participating in both the Listopia and the TBR Randomiser challenge. For the Listopia challenge I’ve looked for three lists to read five books for each list. The lists I chose are:

  1. Best “Strong Female” Fantasy Novels
  2. Best Non-Fiction (non biography)
  3. Books that Blew Me Away and that I Still Think About (of all types)

I’ve chosen five books at the beginning of the challenge, but I’ve been changing them throughout with books I’ve read this year and are on those lists. So far I’ve read eight of the 15 books.

With the TBR Randomiser challenge..

For the TBR Randomiser challenge I needed to go to my TBR and turn on the setting of randomising my To Be Read. I set the challenge to 50 books (I was optimistic and I figured with reading 104 books this year 50 should be nothing), but I didn’t anticipate three things:

  1. I had whole series of books in my TBR and thus the randomiser chose part x of series I haven’t even started.
  2. I had a few books I wanted to remember for my friends on the list, but wasn’t interested in them myself.
  3. My preference for certain genres and thus book has changed. I had a lot of books that I’m not interested in anymore and they came also up in this challenge.

From the 50 books that came up I had to scrap 20 books that fell in the three above categories. I’ll probably add new books to the list from my Next-to-read-in-series-list to get back to 50 books.

My Did-Not-Finish list

There were also some books that I started reading and just didn’t feel like finishing it. They went on my DNF-list. I haven’t use them all for the challenge, even though I’ve spent hours trying to read them. The problem is that those books made me either read other books all the time or just put me completely of reading in all. Perhaps I will finish them later on when they’re more aligned with my prefered genres at that time.


Do you want to know what books I’ve read this year of which I have chosen for my challenges? Check out my Goodreads profile or leave a comment.


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