Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

Book review

Read: September 21 – 31, 2016

I’ve tried listening to two audiobooks this month. The first one took just a bit longer than an hour and then I decided to go for this one which is around 13.5 hours. It took some time to get used to it and finding the time of day to listen to Carry on since I didn’t have to commute during this period. I decided to listen to it while walking my dogs, at the dog park, or in bed just before I went to sleep. The narrator, Euan Morton, has a very soothing and relaxing voice to listen to.

For anyone who haven’t read any of Rainbow Rowell’s work; Carry on made its tribute in her other book Fangirl. The main character, Cath, is writing a fanfiction about Simon Snow, the Harry Potter of her world. After Fangirl Rainbow Rowell has written the fan fiction from Cath as a separate book and in her own writing style (and thus not Cath’s).

Seeing how this is my first book review on this site; I’m going to let you in on something. I loved reading fan fiction and especially the ones where the hero and rival end up together in a romantic way. It didn’t matter to me whether they are both male or female; as long as it makes some sense along the way. I have read the fan fiction Cunning and Ambition which is a fan fiction from Harry Potter where Harry ends up in Slytherin and being friends with Draco. It follows the original story from J.K. Rowling, but they stopped writing halfway through book six. I loved every part of it and it made me confused when I actually read the Harry Potter series giving me expectations that weren’t met.

So back to Carry On. In the beginning the book feels a bit Harry Potterish but pretty quickly drives away from it. Simon is destined to kill the bad guy while trying to survive the quarrels between the Mage and the nobles where he is sure to fight his roommate, possibly a vampire, Baz. The story becomes quickly a love story with a side note of magic and destiny.

My opinion

What I really liked about the book is the way how Agatha views herself. She isn’t just a pretty girl and she wants more, deserves more than just being the end prize for Simon.

Simon is the Chosen One and is destined to defeat the Humdrum. The Humdrum is a creature that makes places void of magic. He sends creatures to kill Simon Snow so he can get more powerful.All the while Simon struggles with the fact that his roommate (and enemy) is missing from school.

Overall I enjoyed listening to the audiobook. Sometimes it couldn’t hold my attention and since I couldn’t easily go back for a few seconds to know who was narrating or  what has happened. Most of the times it I had to wait for a few seconds to understand from whose perspective we’re seeing (they all have their own thought patterns which is a big plus!), so it could’ve been worse.

The story was very pleasant and I enjoyed a lot how the story progressed. Simon is a very likable character and Bazz is just an adorable jerk. The end enfolded as expected, because the story was build up like that. I’m a bit disappointed that not everything was properly dealt with, the progress in the romance department didn’t add up, and that it had some loose ends.




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