I love reading

I love reading so much, I’ve been using Goodreads every day to update my progress and communicate with fellow book-lovers and to find new books I want to read. When people ask me what my hobbies are, reading is always in my top three next to meeting with friends and my dogs.

Elementary and high school

During elementary school we had to read books together and alone to get a higher reading skill. I read more than my classmates and had a high reading skill for my level, but the thing that hold me back was reading out lout in class. I read fast and thorough, but my mouth couldn’t keep up with the tempo or I read too fast for others to keep up with me. During this time I read mostly about vampires, werewolves, aliens and when I got a bit older I started reading my moms romance novels. I, at first, was a bit uncomfortable reading about the love-making in those novels, but I quickly adapted to it. Reading wasn’t that important to do in the higher classes and we only had to read a book to give a presentation about them. I kept reading the more sinister novels like thrillers or about murder in a historic time period (mostly the Dutch Golden Age period), but I sucked talking about them in front of class or to explain the story. I wanted to be so precise and I couldn’t fit the story within a 15 minute presentation with all the requirements.

During high school I had far less time to read combining school, sports, and socializing. Reading become less important to me. I only read the romance novels and I started buying the historic ones for myself. Of course I had to read some books for school (both in English and Dutch) and I had to read literature. One of the first English books I had to read was The Giver during English class. It didn’t leave a big impression on me then, but years later I decided to reread some books from high school and I’ve been loving them ever since.


During my stay in Japan I rediscovered reading again. I’ve read a lot of manga during the years before, but I started getting more active on Goodreads again. I’ve found the Dutch book club Books Ever After and started reading with them. My dad heard me talking about books and got me a Kobo Glo HD for my birthday. When I got back in summer I took it with me to Japan again and I’ve read a total of 159 books. I was reading one book in around four hours average.


So for this year I thought I could easily read two books a week and I set my 2016 goal on 104 books. So far I’ve only read 50 books (Uni, social life, and actually having access to normal  internet-speed slowed my progress very much!) and I need to read a book every 1.6 days to complete my challenge. To actually get this done and to hurry up with cleaning my room I want to read all my childhood books. These books, almost all of them are about horses, are pretty small and afterwards I can put them away in a box for later when I have my own kids. I’m not sure whether or not I should review them here, but I can look at them again on this site without getting them out of the box and keeping my room more tidy.

Now I better start reading again or else I won’t have anything to review next week!


Anything to share?

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