How my room came to be

Last January I came back home to my parents. After living in Japan for 16 months (University and an internship) I’d only had one suitcase and a carry-on with me and I came back to a disaster.

Having too much

Before leaving for Japan, I lived together with my best friend with 75 m­2 of space to share. We had quite accumulated some things to manage every day life and more which was a pain to hassle all back when I came to live with my parents once more. Coming back to my parents place I had to figure out how to leave all my stuff safely with them while still having access to what I would need until I left for Japan. My mom and I talked about how my room would be used for the cat during winter and thus I’d put all I could in boxes and put my matres against the wall for protection. I didn’t bother with the weight of the boxes, since they wouldn’t be moved while I was gone.

When I was in Japan, my parents had water leaking through the roof into the walls of my room, the hallways, and other places. My wallpaper was ruined in a corner, my matres got mold, my Ikea expedit couldn’t be saved and I was lucky that all my stuff in boxes were okay. The only problem was that everything had to be moved out of my room. The movers helped my mom to put everything from my mom in boxes together with my stuff and divided the weight so they could move them. A week later I came back for a short holiday at home and I couldn’t access my things. Everything was stored some place and even though I told my parents I wanted to sort out my things during the holiday, it wasn’t possible.


When I came back home I’d come back to a

My closet with boxes reaching the ceiling.

room so full of things, I didn’t have the words to describe it. When I counted them, I came to know there were around 80 of them standing all across the wall. I became apathetic to handle it all. My brain went in overload and I became cranky to everyone around me. My closet stood in my room, almost falling apart and I had, if I had to guess, less than 2m2 to walk around.  I couldn’t reach my desk and my other closets were full of stuff that didn’t belong there.

I started to look into the boxes to find my things I wanted access to and left the rest untouched. I found out that all things my mom put in my room were mixed up with my things and I couldn’t just decide what to do about it.

I’ve taken a lot of time to sort things out. With the help of my friend we put my plates, glasses and other things I don’t need right now in boxes and put them in the hallway to my room. She also told me to get my couch since she was getting a new one and I had

My new closet, although I’ve hung more clothes there since then.

no room for it. So with my mom I decided to throw away my closet and we installed the Ikea Algot closet outside of my room, where we do our laundry, and made space for the small couch.

Now that I had some room in my drawers, I started sorting through some boxes to see which stuff is mine and which wasn’t. I even looked through the boxes in the boiler room just to be sure I could find all my things for Uni and even threw some old memorabilia away. I still had many boxes left in my room and I started sorting books with books, memorabilia with memorabilia, unsure with unsure, et cetera. I soon had two and a half boxes with books and I started looking for a way to organise them. To keep more space on my floor I decided to find a hanging system instead and eventually chose for the two by one Kallax. I thought for some reason that one of those would be enough for me and after putting books in it, I soon learned it wasn’t enough space. Eventually I bought two and later added a third one. I still have books left in some boxes and comics of which I’m not sure whether they’re mine or my parents’.

Two of the now three book shelves.

I planned to have finished my room many week ago. But I’ve found it harder than expected to part ways with stuff and to make the decision what I want and what I actually need. Much of what I still have are future wants to do/see/watch/read/make/et cetera and I find it a waste to just throw it away right now. Other things make me feel guilty to throw it out. A photo off my half-brother who I haven’t seen in years and who doesn’t even know we’re related. The picture doesn’t bring me any joy to look at, it makes me notice what could have been; but still, throwing one of two pictures I have of him (the other one is digital) just feels like something that isn’t done and I’ll regret one day.

I will update later on how my room will look like as a finished product, but in the meantime enjoy the pictures of my progress the last few months.

New Note.jpeg
How my room looks when unpacking boxes or changing the lay out.

Anything to share?

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