Halo – Alexandra Adornetto


Book review

Read: November 03 – 05, 2015

This book has so many bad ratings and I understand some of the points given by others, but I don’t see how Halo could deserve so many one star ratings. Was it just trending to hate this book? Anyways, here’s my review.


Halo is just another true love story, but with angels and a fight against devil accomplices. Angels are being sent to earth in places where there is great need for small miracles and for the people to start believing in them again. Gabriel, Ivy and Bethany are being sent to a small American town. For Bethany, being the youngest of the three, it’s her first time to disguise herself on earth. It is decided that she will attend school as a student and Gabriel as a teacher.

Bethany needs to learn how to act like a human, while not forgetting their purpose on earth. For some reason, she is more inclined to understand human wants and needs as they become a part of her. Soon she experiences falling in love with a human and tries to keep her secret from him. All the while there is trouble coming to town which causes more vandalism, cults and even death within the society.

My opinion

Although the book is mostly focused on Bethany trying to cope with being human and her relationship, it ended with a fight about life or death and a promise to get Bethany on the dark side. It was my first novel (if I recall correctly) with angels falling in love with humans. The relationship between Bethany, Gabriel, and Ivy were a bit off in my opinion, but seeing how they were celestial beings you can’t really judge that. The relationship between Bethany and her love was really sweet at first and later on a bit possessive and overprotective. It worked out in the end, but it did give me sometimes the chills and the urge to shout to him to back off for a second. The devil’s henchman is an interesting character, but I’m disappointed in him how easily and in that corny way he was defeated, although he made it up with his determination to make her his.

Don’t expect too much and you might enjoy a love story with some good and evil aspects.




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