Playlist for the Dead – Michelle Falkoff


Book review

Read: June 28, 2015

I decided to read this book because of some bad reviews for the 2015 challenge. The prospect of the book spoke caught my interest and so it would be a win-win situation for me. The first chapter felt pretty heavy with the suicide of his friend while he wasn’t aware of it (although he was there when it had happened). Sam finds the playlist Hayden left him. With the playlist Sam should understand according to Hayden why Hayden killed himself. Hayden was Sams only friend and even though they weren’t a good fit, they did fit. Now Sam is alone and need to find a way to deal with all of these feelings against Hayden’s family, school, life, and himself.

My opinion

As the summary above mentions Playlist of the dead is a book about the struggle of coming of age. I don’t read many books like that (in a non-fantasy setting) which was a nice difference for me. I don’t know how Hayden felt nor could I understand and I wonder why Falkoff chose for this reasoning and where the research was done (or perhaps non? Too lazy to find out). Each chapter started with a song of the playlist which is very varied and I liked some of the songs. I would have like to see more correlation between the songs and the chapters, although that would be very unrealistic and coincidental. So I guess it was a good balance.

Even though this book had many bad reviews, I enjoyed reading it and figuring out why Hayden did what he did and seeing Sam grow in life and move on.



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