The accident season – Moïra Fowley-Doyle


Book review

Read: November 23 – 24, 2015

Having seen this book on my newsfeed here a few times before and having read the summary, I really got excited for the idea presented.


Clara’s family: Her older sister, mom and ex-stepbrother and she are prone to an extreme chance of getting physically hurt during the month October. Everything that can cause hurt to a normal family becomes dangerous to them. Every hook or door is covered, no cooking on gas, making sure to wear extra clothes in case of falling down, never walk alone, et cetera. Clara, who is a pretty weird kid in my opinion, sometimes sees or dreams of a different reality.

Their ex-stepbrother got his title thanks to his father disappearing of to a new continent after having had a relationship with Clara’s mom for some years. He’s still hurt about it which makes it sometimes hard for him. Clara’s sister is the popular girl with her boyfriend being in a band and refuses to believe in the accident season, although she is the one who gets hurt a lot.

In the end it all comes together after an awesome Halloween party and the truth will be brought to light about their past, their feelings, sorrows and uncertainties.

My opinion

I really liked the concept of the book and how it came to a finish. What I disliked were the parts of the different reality. I get that Clara believes in it and can see it, but shouldn’t a girl her age be more skeptical about it? Or not giving it much thought? It also confused me here and there and especially the parts with the Tin Man. The end made it all worthwhile and no love triangles in this one (but it did have romance) which made me a very happy reader.




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