Shadow and bone – Leigh Bardugo


Book review

Read: October 06 – 10, 2015

Shadow and bone was our book of the month, so I started reading this series. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some elements were inspired by Russia. A nice change from American or Western European culture.


The story is about an orphan girl who is discovered to be a Grisha, people who could work small science, and is sent to the capital city to live with the other Grisha in the little palace. The darkling (who looks like your typical villain) is the leader off the Grisha and seduces Alina. He implies he is in love with her and is determined to find her an amplifier for her powers like no one has ever been given. With the amplifier, Alina will be able to lift the fold, the Unsea, where the Volcra, men eating bats/monsters, live and improve the lives of the people of Ravka. Of course things won’t go as planned and not everyone is what they seem to be.

My opinion

I really like the world building, the development of the characters, the bonds they have and the manipulation. It does have the typical stereotypes in the story, such as: the old friend/first love interest, the girl who is jealous, the outcast who becomes the new best friend, the old wise woman, the tough teacher from another country, et cetera. This didn’t bother me at all and although some plots are easy to see through, you’re not sure how the story will fold out in that way.




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