The too-clever fox – Leigh Bardugo


Book review

Read: October 12, 2015

The story was about a very clever fox whose mind saved his life a few times. Then the hunter came to the woods where the fox lives and lots of animals became its victim. The fox is sure he can make the hunter go away with his clever mind and make sure all the other animals will be save once more. But even though a too-clever fox can find its way out of the first trap, doesn’t mean it will be as lucky with the next one.

My opinion

Even though this book is a novella of the Grisha trilogy, it can easily be read as a short stand alone. Thinking that this story would be about Nikolai, I thought the animals were a metaphor for people and their character (like Reyneart the Fox) until the mom actually ate one of her youngsters and they became talking animals for me.

It was short, intriguing, fast paced and just enough information for it to sound like a Grimm fairy tale and I enjoyed it.




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